Who are the people behind oneSafe?

The oneSafe suite of password management apps is produced by Lunabee Pte Ltd. Half the Lunabee team is based in France, the other half in Singapore.

Our tireless app developers are mostly based in France. There they focus on programming; on coming up with the finer details that make an app work well and look great. Plus, they have an eye on the future, looking ahead to new features that they can integrate into existing apps and coming up with innovative concepts for brand new ones.

Our marketing and communications team is based in Singapore. From that global hub, the team communicates with the entire world, receiving feedback from the users of Lunabee’s apps and responding to questions and requests.

The goal of both our teams, in Singapore and France, is to focus on the users’ experience; to make the experience of using Lunabee’s apps the best it possibly can be!